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Note 2: Book review, Golden Apples: Six Simple Steps to Success

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Sallar Rabiei

Golden Apples: Six Simple Steps to Success published 2005 by Bill Colin.

This book published in 2005 and this book has been written by Bill Colin. Bill is an Irish billionaire, Golden Apples: Six Simple Steps to Success is a famous and inspiring book for young entrepreneurs who would like to start their empire.

This post is not an abstract of the book. This post will tell you why you should read this book. I am M. Sallar Rabiei, currently (10th of April 2020) I work as a CBDO at SMT Financial Group.

Why I have to read Golden Apples: Six Simple Steps to Success?

William ‘Bill’ Cullen is an Irish businessman. He was born on 17th February 1942. Born into poverty in the Summerhill area of Dublin, Bill Cullen was the fifth of fourteen children, seven boys, and seven girls. In this book, Bill talks about his experiences and mentioned six simple steps to success:

  1. your warrior’s attitude for achieving.
  2. your dynamic plan for action.
  3. your charismatic people power.
  4. the way you learn to be lucky.
  5. your explosive energy to excel.
  6. your supercharged selling skills.

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In the following lines, I will quote a few sentences from the first chapter of the book. In these sentences, Bill explains his childhood and his family.

  • We have to have a simple plan to revitalize our life.
  • We have to learn that the only failure is not to try. Better still, learn that the so-called failures are the best experiences for moulding future achievement.
  • His father though him to measure twice and cut once.
  • I learned from the flower-selling two principles: first, that is all about location, location, location. Second, the elasticity of price.
  • Whenever you were sent to the shop for groceries she would send you back to change an item. For no reason.
  • She thought us to be assertive from an early age, earn as children taking on adults.
  • The Ma’s lasting legacy was teaching me two secrets of being effective in life: identify the most important thing you have to do and then do it right now.
  • The Da’s first law was simple: there’ll be none of my children drinking and smoking.
  • Molly was quiet and deliberate. She was very observant as befits someone whose favorite saying was ”you got two eyes, two ears and one mouth for a very good reason.”
  • It’s never too late to go and achieve those dreams you have. We don’t believe in middle age in our house. We stay active and busy: both mentally and physically.
  • The joy of real life is about people. Meeting people, interacting with people, being involved in projects with other people, staying mentally and physically active.
  • You are what you eat!
  • You are what you think you are.
    These great sentences are based in very first pages of the book. I highly recommend you read this book.


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