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Note 1: Start a new business

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Sallar Rabiei

Every successful business and e-commerce need to know about the key factors of success. In […]

Every successful business and e-commerce need to know about the key factors of success. In this note, I am going to write my own experiences in running several businesses. I read a book which was written by Bill Cullen, a famous Iris businessman, he believes that a good business needs to know about location and pricing.

You may think about the relationship between location and e-commerce. Let me explain it! Your location in e-commerce is your rank and your position in google search results. And pricing should convince your customers to pay money for your service or product. Pricing is a complicated topic in business. You may need an accountant to calculate it. Bur, be careful, low price and high price may affect your market.

Another quotation which has impressed me is about team and time are two important factors. In other words, start your business at the right time with the right teammates. This speech’s purpose is clear, however, I will explain these two expressions. For instance, selling sandal the cold winter, or producing an infrared kit for smartphones in this century are not a good idea, because you do not care about time. On the other hand, the right team helps you start and continue your business strongly. Be careful about your teammates and co-founders.

Very good ideas and business models may be failed due to wrong teammates! Based on my own experience, every e-commerces need tree members at the very first stage: CEO, CMO, and CTO.
You may read more about some expressions and phrases in other categories of our website. Please write your opinion, question, and feedbacks in comments.

You may write about your experience in starting a new business. I am Mohammad Rabiei and, I invite you to write your experiences in the comments.

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